Vegan blueberry pancakes

When Fleur, also known as The model food diary, introduced me to her vegan pancakes recipe I went nuts! This has been the best base to make eggless pancakes and you don't even need a chia or flex egg. You will probably have all the ingredients at home so no excuses to not make those pancakes.

I do really love pancakes, but it's very hard to make some pancakes which aren't overloaded with flour and stick together without eggs. I'm not a vegan although most of the people think I am. I can't eat dairy products, because I have a very very bad intolerance, which might be in connection with eggs since my body gives the same reaction to eggs like it does with dairy. I don't eat meat (I actually never liked meat in the first place), but I do eat fish, this is only when I'm at home in the Netherlands or in a restaurant where I trust the fish is fresh and not form the supermarket, but I am barely home which makes me an almost vegan. I just hate the word vegan, it's such a hyped and trendy word those times. For me vegan means, YES there's no dairy in this dish, because eating dairy in a restaurant is my biggest fear, but enough about this let's give you guys my blueberry pancakes recipe!!

Ofcourse I gave them my own twist, it wouldn't be my recipe without changing it to my own hands, but getting inspired by seeing others doing is the best way of creating new food right!? So here we go:

-2 tbsp buckwheat flour

-2tbsp oats

-1tsp baking soda

-1tbsp coconut blossem sugar


-ginger powder

-pumpkin spice

-3tbsp soy yoghurt

-2 tbsp almond milk

-1tsp apple vinegar

-1tsp vanilla extract

-1-2 hands blueberries

Whisk all the dry ingredients together in bowl and mix it with the wet ingredients. At last add the Blueberries. Heat a pan with some oil and make some pancakes. Wait till they start to bubble and got more dry, than you can twist them and bake for another 1-2 minutes.

That's it!

I topped mine with some coconut yoghurt, passionfruit, toasted coconut chips, cinnamon and agave syrup.

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