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The Hamburg Hotspot List

I had been once before in Hamburg, but that was such a long time ago, so when I went back for a few days I discovered Hamburg is an insanely cute city which is very upcoming with their restaurants and cafes. The flight is only 1 hour from Amsterdam and with Christmas time the city is fully lighted up with Christmas stalls and markets.

Happen Pappen

I went here for the first day and did not expect anything food wise in Germany. I know it ain't fair but I had schnitzels, hamburgs and fries in my head. So when I went to Happen Pappen my hart opened up! Fully vegan restaurant based in st. Pauli, the more hip area in Hamburg with a lot of nightlife and younger people. Happen Pappen was full, the whole lunch break people kept coming in and out, fair enough! The food was amazingly tasty, not expensive, and good portion!

Healthy stars: 4/5

Menu: DF, GF, Vegan

Recommendation: Quiche



Ændre is an Ayurvedic hotspot based in the Hohelhuft, which is more above the rivers and the more expensive area of Hamburg. Values and beliefs in food are often opposite to each other. Ændre seeks balance as good as they can. They are guided by stories, traditions, seasons and sustainability. Mother Nature is their number one source!

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: DF, GF, Vegan, Ayurvedic

Recommendation: their breakfast bar


Nord Coast Coffee

I was staying at my friends place and she recommended me to grab a coffee at Nord Coast Coffee and that was definitely a hit! very very good coffee for a good price! they make very delicious cinnamon buns (which is an Hamburg tradition).

Healthy stars: 3.5/5

Menu: DF, GF, Vegan, meat, fish, vegetarian

Recommendation: Their coffee with a cinnamon bun


AN Vegan House

I passed this newly opened restaurant when I was walking in the rain to my agency to say goodbye, didn't have lunch yet, because of a weird shoot. So went to my agency and walked back here, and it was literally fully booked, luckily I could get a table and enjoy their vegan Asian food! they have a great Asian tapas menu - perfect for sharing!

Healthy stars: 3.5/5

Menu: DF, GF, Vegan

Recommendation: their Baos


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