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Rhubarb Quark Pie

Rhubarb is this vegetable, yes I said that very well: Vegetable, which a lot of people are confused about. They don't know what to do with it, because often it's just cooked down with a ton of sugar and treated like a fruit, what is obviously a very great option if you would ask me!

As Rhubarb is a seasonal vegetable of the month July, Tiara from Naturally Granola challenged me to make a recipe with this "vegetable". So I treated it the sweet way and made a Rhubarb pie, with a coconut quark layer. Scroll further to find out what to do to get this delicious pie!



150gr chocolaas granola

200gr dates


300gr (coconut) yoghurt

4gr agar agar + 50ml water (or use gelatin for a non vegan variant)

2tbsp agave


+- 500gr rhubarb (+-8 stems)

+- 50ml water

5tbsp agave

4gr agar agar +50ml water (or use gelatin for a non vegan variant)

Rinse the rhubarb with water to get rit of the sand in between the stems. Start chopping the rhubarb in little pieces and rinse again with water. When the inside seems a bit dry, place in a bowl and let the chopped pieces sit in the water for a little so they can get softer and are easier to cook.

The next step is important: never cook your rhubarb in an aluminum pan, because the oxalic acid in the rhubarb will react to the aluminum in the pan and will turn grey, bye pretty pink color…

So start heating a non aluminum pot or pan on the fire and throw in the rhubarb. Add a little bit of water (like a little little +-25ml), if you add too much you will get a smoothie instead of puree, since rhubarb is very liquid from itself. Cover with a lit and keep on stirring in the meanwhile. If it seems to dry up too fast, add again a little bit of water, but bits by bits. When the rhubarb seems to be like puree turn of the heat and let it cool down.

Meanwhile blend the granola together with the dates in a blender. I recommend using the “chocolaas” from Naturally Granola, because it has already spices in it and some chocolate, which gives amazing flavors to your crust. You can order the Granola here: by checking out you can use my code “modelslovegranola” for a 10% discount!

Push the date/granola mixture in a baking tray and place in the fridge. Start on the second yoghurt layer. Heat the agar agar (or gelatin) with the water in a pan, than whisk the coconut yoghurt through and add the agave (more or less, just how sweet you like it). Pour the yoghurt layer over the crust and cool down in the fridge to firm up.

Repeat the same thing again, but than with the rhubarb mixture. Add the agar agar (or gelatin) in a pan with the water. And whisk the rhubarb mixture through and add the agave. Take the baking tray out of the fridge and pour over the third layer. Place back to firm up. Once cooled down you can serve the pie! Add some more granola on top. This is an optional layer for extra crunch, but you obviously don’t have to!

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