Peanut Butter Squash Curry

It's getting cold outside and that makes me crave warm, spicy and herby curry. This recipe I made accidentally. I was just free-styling in the kitchen and wanted to make a dish with my left over butternut squash, so I was thinking about a curried butternut squash soup, which turned into this PB squash curry...

The recipe is easy, you could blend it and turn it into a soup, but a chunky curry never could go wrong right!? So this is what you'll need:


- 1 Onion

- Some garlic

- 2 Big tbsp Yellow Curry paste (I buy this in an Asian supermarket, it only contains herbs and no sugar or other weird ingredients which aren't necessary)

- Lemongrass (powder)

- 1 Can of full fat coconutmilk

- About 1 Can of water (maybe more maybe less depending on your favorite consistency)

- 5 Tbsp of crunchy Peanut Butter

- 1/2 Butternut squash

- 1 Medium size sweet potato

- 1 Eggplant

- Some spinach

- Coconut yoghurt (optional)

- Coriander (optional)

- Siracha (optional)

Chop the onion, I like it a bit more chunky but if you prefer it tinier that's totally fine too. Sauté this in a pan, than add some garlic and add the curry paste. Sauté this together than add the canned coconut milk and use the same can to poor the same amount of water in the pan. Whisk this together than add the Peanut butter, some lemongrass powder and the squash. Cook the squash till you can smash it a bit with a fork, so the curry get's super creamy. Add the sweet potato and eggplant now and cook again until all the veggies are soft. (if needed add more water to the pan). As last throw some spinach in the pan.

For serving: the curry is so delicious with some coconut yoghurt on top, coriander and for extra spice some siracha! That's what I call comfort cold weather food!

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