Mango - Raspberry Smoothiebowl

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Everyone who follows me obviously knows I'm a huge huge mango addict. A mango a day keeps the doctors away, because you get a lot of vitamin C. So when I finished my juice cleanse I made this beauty for breakfast the next morning. It's super easy you just need something to puree your fruits and that's it.

So what I've used is really simple. for the yellow/orange smoothie:

- 1mango

- chunk of ginger

for the pink smoothie:

- hand fulll of raspberries

- hand full of strawberries

blend them seperately and put them in a bowl. I topped mine off with some coconut yoghurt, mango slices, raspberries, Deliciously Ella granola, extra raisinsand some toasted coconut chips. voila!

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