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How to pack like Fab

I remember my first modeltrip as it was yesterday. What I also do remember was that I did not pack my own suitcase, but my mom did. That was definitely the first and last time she would do that for me.. (decision made from my side)

My flight was super delayed and I had an evening flight. My driver picked me up from the airport - super super grumpy - since it was already 2AM and he had been waiting for me for about 3 hours. By the time I arrived at the modelflat all models were asleep except one girl, who slept through the day and smoked cigarettes in the kitchen at night with a bottle of wine. Me being 17, young and naive, and not expecting anything was pretty shocked already, my first hours being on my own, standing on my own tiny Bambi legs.

So imagen, tiny girl, never been in that new strange city, no phone service, everybody asleep, and meanwhile the clock ticked 3AM AND with that: a big ass suitcases she had to carry on to the next floor. Everywhere in the living room were bunkbeds, about three. So couldn't make any noise. Than there were two more tiny rooms, with about 6 beds in total. Up on the second floor there were two more rooms also with 2-3 bunkbeds in total. I don't even know with how many girls we were in total, I think it was about 16 girls.

Well anyways reason I'm writing this blog. So me being super super quiet opening up my suitcase in the middle of the room. 1. trying to find my world charger, dead phone worst thing what would happen at that moment 2. trying to find my pyjama 3. trying to find my toothbrush, and for real: I COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING. I've thrown my whole suitcase upside down, but I just couldn't find anything, meanwhile I obviously woke up my fellow roommates who weren't that happy about my arrival.

Anyways, next morning I unpacked, but a month later I got to pack everything again myself, and that was the biggest disaster ever. So here you go, I got a pro unpacking through the years, but still trying to get the hang on my skills for packing everything up again.

1. always bring the basiczzzz

If you love it or not, you need damn basics. Just go get some good black jeans, vintage, Levi's anything, you'll need it for your snaps probably. Add a white/black tanktop on that and you're good. I always bring a bunch of different loose/tight tanktops and t-shirts so I can just mix it up a bit underneath my blazers/jackets/blouses/denim. Weekday and Arket does some really cool basics which are not too basic basic. Oh and don't forget a pair of black lingerie/bikini, you'll probably need this for your snaps.

2. Do never forget your heels

Eventhough it won't be Fashionweek, you might need them one day. If not work wise, maybe you need them party wise, maybe a fancy dinner or an opening for something, you just never know.

3. shoes shoes shoes

Oke for me this skill is pretty hard to control, because I literally love love love my shoes. My outfits can be basic, but my shoes aren't, so you can tell I have a big diversity of shoes at home. This is how I try to temper it: a pair of sneakers, a pair of heels, boots with and without heel and if summer allows it some sandals. oh and if you're a gymer like me: gym shoes...

4. Bring the beauty products

Yes it's a lot, I have two big sponge bags plus one smaller one for all my makeup, but you know we got to earn some money with our face, so invest in this space! I always used to carry on my tonic, daycream and cleaning water, and that's it. But now I use already 6 kinds of creams in the morning, plus cleaning water and milk and a mask for the night plus tonic water. What I do when I only go for a few weeks to a city is to put all your tonics etc in smaller bottles, so you don't have to carry on everything, this will save you some space.

Ofcourse bring your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, nail polish remover, (blister) bandages, heeeellooo fashion week feet, hair clips, hair ties, aspirins, I always bring bullock soap, when I make stains on my clothes this is the best way to get dirt out of your newly bought t-shirt. I got a hair mask and spray with me as, but obviously at some point your sponge bags will be filled...

5. Do not ONLY bring basics

So yes before I mentioned, bring your basics, yes yes, but not only basics. Maybe you'll go out, maybe you have an agency party or a dinner. Always be prepared to dress to impress. Bring a nice blouse, which could be nice for castings as well, or a top/skirt whatever spices up your outfit a bit more. A lick of makeup and you're good.

6. food food food

OK, not necessary, but I always love to bring some food with me, so I'm sure I got something to eat for the next morning. I always take a bag of oats and raisins with me, next to some spices like cinnamon/pumpkin spice or pepper, dates and a shit tone of tea bags, can not live without my tea. Sometimes if I got long flights to Asia or New York I bake a banana bread, so I can have this for the flight. Next to that I bring in my carry on some apples, crackers, veggies, Nakd bars and sometimes I even make a chia pudding and bring a cup with me on board or the train.

Not a while ago I bought an ini mini Blendjet blender (this is not an ad.) which you can basically make smoothies with or soups, it's not heavy but just easy to bring. (switched this up for a pair of shoes...). I just love my smoothie bowls too much.

Hope I have helped you out a bit more with my packing tips, obviously everyone does adapt this in their own way, but these are just the basics you will probably need for upcoming onstays.

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