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Honey Glazed Eggplants

You all should know that I was disgusted by all the vegetables when I was younger, oke saving spinach and endive from this list, because my mom made the best stamppot, which is a typical dutch dish with smashed potatoes, endive, pepper, butter, but my mom always added some other herbs as well. So eggplant was this vegetable I really disliked a lot, it had no flavor and when you cook it wrong it can still be hard and that's the most disgusting way to eat eggplant.

What I have learned through the years is that: 1. yoú need to be the one who seasons this veggie, it's not going to do it itself. 2. OIL, a loooot of it, depending if you have an air fryer, but even than you need to use oil. 3. if you want to use it in a dish, pre puf the eggplant for about 30 minutes, so it's soft and gets well-done when you cook it further in the pan.

So enough eggplant talk tips, I'm giving you my recipe now!


What you need:

- 2 Eggplants

- Agave/honey

- (Olive)oil

- 2 Avocado's


- Pomegranate

- Fresh herbs like coriander, mint, parsley

- Pepper/Salt

Preheat the oven on, meanwhile cut the eggplant in half and slice horizontal and vertical cuts so you create some little cubes. In a little bowl whisk some agave/honey (how sweet you like it) together with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cover the mixture over the cubed part of the eggplants. Don't be gentle with the olive oil, Eggplant needs a lot of it! Place in the oven for 30 minutes and from there check how much longer the eggplant needs to get soft, some need more some are fine with this time, and a little bit charred never hurts anyone!

While the eggplant is in the oven smash the avocado's together in a bowl. Chop the herbs and grab a glass of wine! When the eggplant is done, scoop some avocado on the eggplant, throw some Tahini over it for that nutty flavor and add some pomegranate seeds and fresh herbs on top. Some pepper and salt for extra flavor and voila!

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