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Gluten Free Raisin Pancakes

The time of the year came there to stop eating your cold acaï and start to fill yourself up with some porridge or hot freshly baked pancakes with stewed apples or rhubarb compote. I love autumn and I can't deny it. Squashes and apples start to fill the supermarket racks again, and the real baking season starts. One of my favorite breakfasts will forever be Pancakes and when I'm home I will always have.a pancake Sunday. Not only for myself anymore, but I would bake pancakes for the whole family. So this pancakes happened the day before I left for another work trip again.

For this raisin pancakes you can satisfy about 3 people!

Dry ingredients: - 6tbsp buckwheat flour - 6tbsp oats - 1tsp baking powder - 2tbsp coconutblossem sugar - Ginger powder, pumpkin spice, cinnamon by taste and salt

Wet ingredients: - Splash plantbased mylk - 2eggs or 4tbsp coyo, soy yoghurt/quark to make it vegan - some vanilla extract - 1tbsp lime juice - 1-2 Handfull of raisins!

Whisk first all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, than start adding all the wet ingredients and as last add the raisins. Start heating up a pan with some olive/coco oil. When the pan is hot enough start to make your pancakes, every time you finish another load, add more oil to the pan. Your pancakes will probably be ready to twist when the edges start to get dry and your batter starts to pop some bubbles.

Last but not least: so many toppings! I love to drizzle some agave syrup and tahin/almond butter over my pancakes. It was still fig season in the Netherlands so I topped it off with some super juicy figs, cinnamon and more raisins!

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