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Fab's Banana Pancakes

It's been longer than a week since my first day of quarantine and honestly I haven't been bored any day (yet). I have been doing a bunch of home workouts, cleaning out things I haven't had the time for in 3 years, because of traveling ánd obviously a lot of cooking!

Every Sunday used to be pancake Sunday at the Dobbe's home, but since I was barely home anymore the past years, that rule kind of faded away...

So looking at all of this from the bright side: everyday makes me happy I can spend more time with my family for longer than just a tiny weekend home, and makes you appreciate all the little things way more.

Ofcourse it is very saddening that these times are forced by an virus which kills so many people, my thoughts are with all of you who are fighting or have lost their loved once.

If everyone just stays at home, and listens to the government about their rules, all of this will be over so much faster and we can ALL enjoy the picnics in the park, walks on the beaches, or that wine on a warm afternoon on a terrace in the city and not be forced to stay 1,5M apart from everyone.


So that was my speech, now here is my Vegan Banana Pancake recipe. It will feed 2-4 persons, depending how hungry you are!


-4tbsp buckwheat flour

-4tbsp spelt flour

-1tsp baking soda

-2tbsp coconut blossom sugar



-4tbsp agave syrup

-1tbsp apple cider vinegar

-about 10tbsp (oat) mylk

-1tsp vanilla extract

Whisk all the dry ingredients together, then mash the banana's and add all the liquid ingredients and whisk everything together. Heat a pan with some olive oil and make your pancakes, once they start to bubble you can turn the around.

I served them with some tahin, homemade dates dulce de leches, blueberries, agave, toasted coconut chips and cinnamon.

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