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Easy Peasy Model Kitchen: Tomato Stew

For my first session of easy peasy model kitchen dishes I thought about this cheap and easy dish, it's some kind of rib off from the Italian Caponata, but than better, and probably healthier. With this dish you can mismatch forever but there are just a few general things to use. You might need an oven or a bit more oil to get the eggplant soft, so hopefully you have an oven in your disgusting model apartment, because here we go:


What you will need:

- Tomato Sauce

- Tomato Puree

- Eggplant

- Extra virgin olive oil (any other type is fine too, but we were in Italy)

- Salt and pepper or some bouillon cube (I didn't have any salt)

- Basil (optional)

- Sun-dried tomatoes (optional)

- olives (optional)

- Garlic (optional)

- Onion (optional)

- Carrot (optional)

- Zucchini (optional)

- Spinach (optional)

- Curry spices (optional)

- Cinnamon (optiona)

As you can see you can match the dish with anything you like, but I highly recommend you to throw everything in, or even combine it with some white fish.

In order to get the eggplant soft use an oven ór a grilling pan, I recommend you to use the oven! For the oven: prick some holes in the eggplant(s) with a fork and rub it in with some oil. Place it in the oven for about 30-45 minutes on 200C, until it's soft and you can almost make baba ganoush out of it! for the pan way you need a bit more oil and salt, chop in pieces how big you like them, the smaller the faster they get soft. Grill them on high fire and add oil, until they get soft. It's the most important to get the eggplant soft, because eating raw eggplant is the worst. You can also make them ready in the microwave, but you have to check up google for this trick.

Stir garlic and onion in some olive oil in the pan than add some sliced carrots and shortly grill this with, than add the tomato sauce, puree and eggplant chunks. keep on stirring this up and add all the chopped veggies you'd like, except the spinach. I added a bouillon cube+a little splash of water to get it a bit more salty, but if you have salt and pepper, just use this.

Add the cinnamon, curry spices, basil, sundried tomatoes, olives and spinach when it's getting less soupy and more puree like even add a bit more olive oil, that makes it even more smooth!

When you think it's thick enough turn off the fire, make some gnocchi on the side with it (highly recommended) add more basil and serve with some rocket! Make a bigger portion so you can eat a few times out of it and can avoid cooking in that disgusting kitchen of yours....

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