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Creamy Cold Days Oatmeal

I was never the oatmeal kind of girl. All you had to give me was some greek yoghurt an apple and cinnamon, and I would be happy. Anyways those days are over, I live for my toppings and oatmeal on those cold days. So I kinda cracked the code, and better than this your oatmeal is never ever going to get! So go and read on, cause this oatmeal is on fire, and so was my burned mouth. Too excited to dig inn my oatmeal...

Oke so, recipe is as easy as it can get, but it's all about the toppings and the milk, and thát is the secret everybody needs right? SO:

what you'll need for the porridge:

- 50gr of oats

- About 5tbsp full fat coconut milk with some water added (it's super thick and creamy already)

- Bit of cinnamon

- Vanilla extract (optional)

What you'll need for the toppings:

Obviously this is up to you, but this is HOW you'll never ever want yoghurt again.

- Tahin

- Almonnd butter

- Agave/Honey

- Pumpkin spice

- Fresh banana

- Dates

- Raisins

- Mint

For real, add that mint, life changing! Bon Appetit

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