Breakfast sweet potatoes

Since I've been in Tokyo my biggest addiction might be sweet potatoes. You could buy them hot on the streets or in the supermarkets and just eat them like a snack. They roast them for about 2 hours on hot stones and they get crispy from the inside and really really juicy and tender from the inside, I mean you could literally wake me up for this treat!

I ate them in the morning with some banana chips & peanut butter or some smashed banana with some power foods or for lunch with smashed avocado and chili flakes when I was craving more savory! So this experience really inspired me to eat sweet potatoes at home (in the Netherlands) in the morning as well.

When I got my air fryer for my birthday I've been experimenting so much, I mean your dishes are done so much quicker than with the oven, especially with sweet potatoes! My problem in the morning is that I can't wait for half an hour(or longer) for the oven, because I just want to make and eat my breakfast. So I stopped eating sweet potatoes in the morning, but than with the air fryer it made everything so much easier! And I created this recipe, you can probably make them in the oven as well, but it takes a little bit more time!

what you will need:

-1big Sweet potato

-about 0,5/1 tbsp coconut oil (melted)

-1tbsp agave syrup

-0,5 tsp vanilla extract

-some cinnamon

-some ginger (powder)

-some turmeric (powder)

-some pumpkin spice powder

Preheat your air fryer on 180C (oven on 200C) and cut your sweet potato in chunks (however you like them. Mix all the ingredients together so the sweet potatoes are all covered with the mixture. "Fry" the sweet potatoes for 10-20 minutes and turn them around every 5 minutes so all the sides get crispy and browned (for the oven they need about 30minutes).

top it off with some coconut yoghurt and peanut butter, or home made jam, some crunchy granola or banana/ toasted coconut chips might work too, to add some crunchiness to the structure

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