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5X Best Sweet Potato Fries in NYC

New in NYC, or visiting? One thing you can't miss out in the city that never sleeps are their fries and sweet potatoes, cause we're in America!! Sweet potatoes are a huge thing in the states and I'm a fan! I created a list with a few spots in New York where you can get your daily dose of sweet potato fries, as a side or as a main, nothing matters! scroll through.


Sticking on number one is Seamores, I had lunch here and had the most amazing freshest fish I’ve ever had in NYC, it’s so pure. The vibe of the restaurant reminded me of home, a lot of beach clubs, since I live on the coast side. To get this vibe in a city like NY is a big achievement. The reel deal is a big recommendation, you get your daily veggies, carbs, proteins and nutrition in one bowl plus another bowl for your sweet potato fries, because you can’t miss out on those…

Healthy stars: 4.5/5

Menu: fish, vegan, vegetarian, DF, GF

Recommendation: The Reel Deal



Bare burger is this new Burger restaurant which is way better than Shake Shack, Burger King, Five Guys etc. You can take everyone with you, healthy, unhealthy, vegan, vegetarians etc they have something what everyone likes! We had Bare Burger once at my job for lunch and I loved it. It’s not super greasy like most of the burger places and you can swap the bun for some greens.

Healthy stars: 3/5

Menu: meat, vegan, GF, DF

Recommendation: Farmstead burger



Everybody must have noticed ByCHLOE is a very very famous spot where models often go, it is 100% vegan and they have sweet potato fries which are air fried, what else do you want !? You can get some beetroot ketchup and garlic aioli with that, just how much you’d like to have with your fries, but one thing I know for sure: get some dessert after.

Healthy stars: 3.5/5

Menu: vegan, GF

Recommendation: air fried sweet potato fries, espresso cookie



Westville stands for a simple life. They use the freshest and the highest quality ingredients, but not prepared fancy at all. It’s all about the fact you can eat the food you love for reasonable prices and enjoy it as much as you can!

Healthy stars: 4/5

Menu: vegan, DF, GF, Vegetarian, meat, fish

Recommendation: Market Plate



Ruby’s is a Australian restaurant open all day for brunch, lunch, dinner and is based in Soho and midtown. You can literally get everything here: pasta, salads, burgers and fries! The sweet potato fries are enjoying a bath of sour cream and sweet chili sauce, which you can also get on the side for those with dietary distractions!

Healthy stars: 4/5

Menu: vegan, DF, GF, Vegetarian, meat, fish

Recommendation: Sweet potato fries


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