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13X Hotspots in Tokyo

For everyone who thinks you can only eat sushi and ramen in Japan? Think twice. The healthy food scene in Japan is really upcoming, so I created this list for you with my favorite spots in Tokyo to save you when you’re really done with all the riceballs and fish!!


Yes this is the cafe from ELLE magazine. Expect some really good looking food and a pretty interior! ELLE cafe is based on the University of the United nations square where you can find a farmers market every weekend! Sit down for some lunch at the cafe and stroll down over the market after!

Healthy stars: 4/5

Menu: DF, GF, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian, Vegan

Recommendation: Sweet potato fries


Marugo Deli Ebisu

From all the hotspots in Japan I might have spended my most time in this deli! They have the best matcha lattes, they’re super creamy and thick. They serve delicious smoothie bowls with their home made granola! Also they have muffins, sandwiches, vegan soft serve, burgers and a bunch of smoothies!

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: DF, GF, fish, Vegan, vegetarian

Recommendation: The Matcha soy milk latte


Brown rice by Neals Yard

You want to eat healthy, but not done yet with Japanese bento’s? Than Brown rice is the perfect spot with Traditional Japanese food in a modern style. You can pick out of 3 menu’s: curry, steamed veggies of the monthly special. This comes with some side dishes, miso soup and rice. Done? Don’t forget to check out their dessert menu!!!

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: GF, DF, Vegan

Recommendation: The tofu lemon Cheesecake


Rainbow Raw food

Dinning in a Hawaiian setting? Let’s go to Rainbow raw food. For lunch they serve set menu’s where you can pick a main which comes with a side and the smoothie of the day, not satisfied yet, they have a dessert menu as well with some amazing vegan treats! At 5 they change the name to Hemp cafe and you can enjoy the evening menu.

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: GF, DF, Vegan, RAW

Recommendation: raw sushi with curry


Sushi Daidokoya

Oke it’s not the biggest hotspot, but I lived around the corner and came here almost every day. It’s better quality than Genki sushi but you still order by iPad. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s fast. In the midday they have sushi bowl deals for about 5$!

Healthy stars: 3/5

Menu: DF, fish, meat, vegetarian, vegan

Recommendation: tuna avocado salad



Trueberry has two locations, one in the shopping district and another one close by the river with all the sakura trees! They’re focussed on smoothies, juices, and soups, everything which is literally blended. They also have salads and rice bowls in the weekend!

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: DF, GF, Vegan

Recommendation: the Hot beet smoothie bowl



AIN SOPH. Has multiple locations all over Japan and in Tokyo. With their plantbased menu they win a lot of harts of vegans in Japan. Their super fluffy pancakes are a must try out! You won’t even notice they’re plant powered!

Healthy stars: 4/5

Menu: GF, DF, vegan

Recommendation: their pancakes!


Sky High juice bar

Not feeling the rice anymore? Than Sky high juice bar got you covered with juices, smoothie bowls and gf pastries (made out of rice flour (; ). With three locations in Tokyo you should be close to one at least!

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: df, gf, vegan, raw

Recommendation: strawberry cupcake


Bondi cafe

Bondi cafe is this Aussie spot in Tokyo. They got multiple locations and it’s always packed on all of them. Expect the fully Australian brunch experience with avo toast, acaï and tofu pancakes to still keep the Japan vibes on!

Healthy stars: 3.5/5

Menu: gf, df, meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan

Recommendation: tofu pancakes!


Nagi Shokudo

Nagi Shokudo is this hidden away restaurant in Shibuya which is kind of hard to find. It’s on a lower level than the road and hidden behind an italian restaurant. They have a few set menus and they’re in Japanese, but this is one of the cutest spots you’ll find in Tokyo to eat vegan Japanese food.

Healthy stars: 4/5

Menu: df, gf, vegan

Recommendation: their Soy chicken nuggets

The Bowl Organic

The bowl organic is this modern restaurant based in Ometosando. They serve four different kind of bowls: smoothie bowls, detox quinoa soups, rice bowls and quinoa salad bowls. They serve something for everyone and you can come here with your non-vegan / healthy friends.

Healthy stars: 5/5

Menu: gf, df, meat, vegetarian, vegan

Recommendation: the vegan Caesar salad


Alaska zwei

I love Japan and their set menu’s, it makes you try out a few different things for a very food price, and so is it at Alaska Zwei. They used to serve cheese or milk, but they went 100% vegan recently. Not in the mood for food, they have amazing home baked pastries as well!

Healthy stars: 4.5/5

Menu: gf, df, vegan

Recommendation: the curry



Craving some coffee in between shopping? Than Lattest is the perfect pit stop in Ometosando. They have a huge list with all different kinds of lattes! They go from charcoal lattes to matcha’s to just casual espresso’s! Hungry? they also have some pastries or sandwiches!

Healthy stars: 3.5/5

Menu: df, vegetarian, fish, meat, vegan

Recommendation: charcoal latte


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